Excerpt from Capital Projects and Healthcare Reform: Navigating Design and Delivery in an Era of Disruption by Robert D. Levine and Georgeann B. Burns, Editors (2015):

Another perspective of [healthcare real estate] development came from Clayton Corwin, managing principal of StoneCreek Company, Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Corwin said, "We are now seeing a disruptive retail model, meaning we must build for the consumer of healthcare, and, like retail, they want convenience and quality. We must drive customer loyalty. Medical systems are trying to build a brand, just like retail. The patient (and their satisfaction) will have more of a say where they go. They can choose doctors that are in the systems they want, that use the hospitals that they want." A major change in thinking. Per Corwin, "Navigating the conflict between an unsustainable cost curve and growing demand, while changing delivery methods to meet that demand and its changing needs is a huge challenge."